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Black Steil Day only 11/25/2022

Be there and benefit from our Black Steil Day on 25.11.2022! The lucrative offer of 10% discount on all day tickets and all drinks in our bistro is waiting for you. To enjoy the bargain offer even longer, you can also purchase one of our coveted 11-tickets* with the same 10% discount and save even more. So as not to steal your valuable time with basic math, we’ve done the math for you:

Day ticket10,00 € - 10%9,00 €
Day ticket Reduced8,50 € -10%7,65 €
Day ticket child6,50 € -10%5,85 €
11er card100,00 € -10%90,00 € (~8,18€/Entrance)
11er card Reduced85,00 € -10%76,50 € (~6,95€/Entrance)
11er card child65,00 € -10%58,50 € (~5,32€/Entrance)

*This offer is only valid for the day mentioned above. The 11 tickets of this offer are transferable. This offer cannot be issued as a voucher.