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Emilie Gerhardt

Climbing has shaped my family for many years. I have been active in climbing since my earliest youth and have successfully participated in competitions from the beginning. For years I was a member of the German national team and competed in both international and national competitions. My greatest successes were multiple German champions and a title as vice world champion. After many years in competitive sports, I specialized in rock climbing and have been working as a freelance route builder in climbing and bouldering gyms.

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The owner (janitor)

Julius Westphal

Climbing has fascinated me since my early youth and I have so far put my professional focus on route building. Here I am all over Germany on the road to screw both competitions and for normal customer operations.

I have specialized mainly in rock climbing. In 2015, I was able to climb one of the most difficult routes “Action Directe” (9a) in Germany in Franconian Switzerland and I was also able to climb the most difficult routes to date on the sandstone cliffs of the Southern Palatinate.

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