Boulderhalle bouldering gym steil in Karlsruhe has a sweet little bistro.

Welcome to the Steil(sten) Bistro

Relax in our bistro

Here you will find everything to stop hunger or thirst before, between and after the boulder session. Coffee of any kind from beans of the company Ettli, finely prepared by a portafilter machine, you should not lack. For refreshment, we offer you a variety of chilled drinks in our bistro – from mineral water and sodas to beer and wine spritzers – there is something for everyone.

For the small and big hunger we prepare in our uncomplicated bistro kitchen tarte flambée, pizzas and sandwiches, as well as pretzels in different variations. If you need a little boost for your next bouldering project, you can grab some energy and chocolate bars directly at the bar.

Enjoy our beer garden

As soon as the weather permits, our outdoor area invites you to relax and unwind after a strenuous and steep bouldering session. So take a seat, treat yourself to a drink and do your bouldering-scarred fingers some good by cooling them down with a cold bottle of your choice.

Our drinks menu

Hot drinks

Espresso2,20 €
Double espresso2,60 €
Coffee2,40 €
Cappuccino2,90 €
Lattes3,20 €
Latte Macchiato 3,20 €
Chai Latte3,20 €
Hot chocolate2,90 €
Tea2,20 €
Hot milk2,00 €

Soft drinks

Coke(33cl) 2,60 €
Coke Zero(33cl) 2,60 €
Fanta(33cl) 2,60 €
Joscho(50cl) 2,90 €
Isosport(50cl) 2,90 €
Colamix (50cl) 2,90 €
Apple spritzer (50cl) 2,60 €
Water(50cl) 1,90 €
Mate(50cl) 2,90 €

Alcoholic beverages

Pilsner(33cl) 2,90 €
Wheat beer(50cl) 3,50 €
Radler(33cl) 2,90 €
Schorle(50cl) 4,00 €
Little Karl(33cl) 2,90 €

Non-alcoholic beer

Bleifrei (33cl) 2,90 €
Bleifrei Radler(33cl) 2,90 €
Wheat beer non-alcoholic(50cl) 3,50 €

Our menu


Original8,90 €
Vegetarian8,90 €
Vegan9,90 €

Pizza & Pinsa

Margherita8,50 €
Salami9,00 €
Ham9,00 €
Vegetarian9,00 €
Pinsa Margherita9,00 €
Pinsa Salami9,50 €


Caprese6,90 €
Falafel6,90 €
Ham & Cheese6,90 €


Pretzel1,00 €
Butter pretzel1,80 €
Cheese pretzel1,80 €
Chocolate bar1,00 €
Clifbar2,50 €
Clifbar Nutbutter2,80 €