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bouldern in Karlsruhe in der Boulderhalle Steil Indoorklettern in der Kletterhalle

This is the home of bouldering in Karlsruhe. The Boulderhalle Steil offers you bouldering and training at its best. There is a little bit of bouldering in each of us and we want to cater to all needs. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or an advanced climber – at Steil you will all find your way.

This is what Steil stands for

Unquestionably Steil means bouldering together, motivating each other, regardless of personal performance level and simply making the most of the time and enjoying it.

We want you to enjoy bouldering as much as we do. For us as the owners, your well-being is first and foremost at heart. Good boulders and an atmosphere of well-being characterizes Steil. We will not tire to let this gym grow with you.

Emi & Julius

The owner (government)

Emilie Gerhardt

Climbing has shaped my family for many years. I have been active in climbing since my earliest youth and have successfully participated in competitions from the beginning. For years I was a member of the German national team and competed in both international and national competitions. My greatest successes were multiple German champions and a title as vice world champion. After many years in competitive sports, I specialized in rock climbing and have been working as a freelance route setter in climbing and boulder gyms in Germany.

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The owner (janitor)

Julius Westphal

Climbing has fascinated me since my early youth and I have so far put my professional focus on route setting. Here I was Germany on the road in Germany to set both competitions and for normal customer operations.

I have specialized mainly in rock climbing. In 2015, I was able to climb one of the most difficult routes “Action Directe” (9a) in Germany in Franconian Switzerland. Furthermore I was also able to climb the most difficult routes to date in my home area. That is the area of Southern Palatinate with its unique sandstone rocks.

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We are Steil

A steep team

So we are steil and proud of it. These are all members of our great team. Every single one has brought us this far and put so much work into bringing us where we are now. Big thanks to all of you – you are steil!