Climbing and bouldering shoe resole in the Steil workshop

In the workshop of the bouldering hall Steil there is also the possibility to resole your climbing shoes and bouldering shoes. We can repair all brands and models.

As rubber compounds we have Vibram Grip 2, Vibram Edge, Five Ten C4, Boreal Fusion Quattro or Boreal Zenith in the program. Whether long sole, half sole or sophisticated No Edge repair. For the models of La Sportiva and Scarpa we offer you the possibility to repair your shoe with original components. So your Solution, Skwama, Otaki etc. or Scarpa Drago , Instinct, Vapor etc. are almost as good as new, only already climbed in.

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When should you give the shoes for soling?

If you know the optimum time for repair, you can save yourself the edge repair and thus cash. An edge repair can only be carried out in conjunction with a new sole.

So how can you tell when the time is right for new soles?

  1. Sole has just climbed to the edge
  2. Edge rubber is still intact
  3. When pressure is applied, the frame gives only slightly and not selectively. Of course, we can also repair shoes whose edge rubber is already damaged or which even have a decent hole. In that case, however, an edge repair becomes necessary.
    If the edge of the sole needs to be made, it can only be done in conjunction with a sole. Otherwise, no professional repair is possible.

Soling prices in our workshop

Vibram XS Grip, XS Edge etc.32,00 €Without edge repair
Sole with original component 40,00 €Without edge repair (Scarpa, La Sportiva)
Sole La Sportiva No Edge 47,00 €
Edge repair 18,00 €