Our area for kids & families.

Dear kids & families, welcome to our children and family area.
 For relaxed climbing please pay attention to our rules together:

General and rules in the children's area

All children require a parental/guardian consent form until the age of 18. This is available on site or upon request. The area for children from 4 to 14 years old is located under our gallery. So in direct proximity to the bistro/bar area and the sanitary facilities.

Bouldering is potentially dangerous

In all other areas of the Boulderhalle Steil there is a risk of serious injury from adults jumping down and falling. Children are therefore only allowed to stay there outside the mat areas and the training area*.


Maximum 2 children per caregiver, who must always be ready to intervene at the edge of the mat during the entire stay. Even if the caregiver is bouldering, the child must be close by. Important: Groups (6 children or more) must register in advance! Out of consideration for guests and for safety reasons, we reserve the right to refuse entry to unregistered groups.


Of course, climbing shoes are best suited. Gym slippers or clean indoor shoes can also be used. Barefoot and sock climbing is prohibited for hygienic reasons. Any footwear used for climbing must NOT be used for going to the toilet!

* to allow children under 14 years to use the entire bouldering hall Steil, they must complete a so-called bouldering license.

Bouldering license

Climbing rules

Do not climb over or under each other and keep sufficient distance from neighbors. Never stand, walk or sit in the fall area below the wall. Help your kids internalize these rules and recognize hazards. For safety, do not run or romp on the mats. Unnecessary noise should be avoided.

* to allow children under 14 to use the entire bouldering hall Steil, they must complete a so-called bouldering license.

In der Bouldehalle in Karlsruhe können Kinder im Familienbereich nach Herzenslust bouldern. Nach absolviertem Boulderführerschein können sie dies auch in der gesamten Boulderhalle Steil tun.

Consent forms

Children's birthdays

You have a birthday soon and want to experience an eventful day with your friends? Then the Steil is the right place for you! We offer children’s birthday parties by prior arrangement with our trainers.

Group size and prices

The group size is 6 children and the total fee is 140 € including rental equipment. The surcharge from the 7th child is 15 € per child, as an additional trainer is needed. All children are supervised by our trainers for a duration of 2 hours. The program includes warm-up games and expert instruction on bouldering. Furthermore there’s a drink (and possibly food) break. A drink (apple spritzer or water) is included in the price. Additional food can be purchased in our bistro or you can bring your own.

For more information and to make an appointment*, please send an email to the link below.


*Unfortunately, we cannot host children’s birthday parties on a Sunday or holiday.

Children's birthday