Looking for a gift? Don't look any further, because here at Boulderhalle Steil we have a value voucher which can be given away.

How do I get a voucher?

The value vouchers of the Boulderhalle Steil are easy to purchase at our counter and just as uncomplicated to redeem. Perfect for anyone looking for a meaningful yet flexible gift.

No time to visit us?

Our vouchers should not be a lovelessly printed piece of paper, but a stylish and steep gift. For this reason we send them by mail. Please send a request with your address via the contact form “General” or directly to info@boulderhalle-steil.com.
Happy gift-giving wishes you the Steil team.

Just write us

A gift certificate as a present.

Give away Steil Joys!

Give away precious moments

A gift for every occasion – our flexible value vouchers. Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary or just a little something in between, with these vouchers you’re not only giving away a value, but also unforgettable experiences.

We offer flexible value vouchers.

With these flexible value vouchers the presentee can prepare himself/herself with it a completely steep evening, noon or also tomorrow. No matter if it is for admissions, subscriptions, courses, bistro or store items, our value voucher can be used flexibly. If there is a balance left over, it remains on the voucher.
Another advantage of the flexible value vouchers is that they are suitable for both bouldering novices and experienced climbers. Beginners can book an introductory course, for example, while professionals might want to treat themselves to a subscription or a new pair of climbing shoes.