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This is the home of bouldering in Karlsruhe. The Boulderhalle Steil offers you bouldering and training at its best. There is a little bit of bouldering in each of us and we want to cater to all needs. It doesn’t matter if you are small or big, a beginner or an advanced climber – at Steil you will all find your way. The next level is always within reach.
Steil means bouldering together, motivating each other, regardless of personal performance level and simply making the most of the time and enjoying it.

Steil Boulderhalle Karlsruhe Overview Wir sind steil. Bouldern auf dem nächsten Level.

Quality time – it starts with warming up and ends, if time permits, at the bar in our bistro. For us as the owners, your well-being is first and foremost at heart. Good bouldering and an atmosphere of well-being characterize Steil and we will not tire to let this gym grow with you.
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Steil the bouldering gym in Karlsruhe

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All new customers can pre-register at the following link to shorten the check-in process. All customers have to be registered once, regardless of age.

Latest Corona News

How does bouldering in Steil Karlsruhe work these days?

Update: No further restrictions apply.(As of 03.04.) So you don’t need any proof of vaccination, genenesis or testing. The mask requirement for adults over 18 has been dropped. Of course you can still wear a mask. The showers are open. You can boulder with us without booking a slot in advance. If you have further questions, please write us.

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Important note for parents or accompanying persons

What do I have to consider if I want to boulder with children?

We welcome children under the age of 14 in our family area. Here they can boulder to their heart’s content under constant supervision (max. 2 children per guardian). To be able to boulder in the whole hall you need a bouldering license. You can find more information under the following link.

Bouldering license

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What is bouldering?

Bouldering is Germanized and originally comes from the English word “boulder”, which translates as large boulder. In our bouldering hall you will find these blocks of course as an artificial facility. The walls are a maximum of 4.30m high and therefore pose little danger when climbing. However, if you fall, you will be caught by the fall protection mats underneath. The walls are inclined in different ways, from very steep to flat, and contain various boulder of different difficulty levels. We set tasks with the boulder which have to be solved and at the same time we fight against gravity. Those who come to us want to work out movements, build up strength, technique and agility or simply go steep. The explanation at Wikipedia

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