Bouldernight - 15.10.2022 from 6 pm

We cordially invite you to our first Bouldernight at Steil! This Bouldernight should be a small event organized by us for you to experience a different bouldering evening together. We have come up with three special stations, which together will make a small but nice fun cup. As a little gag we will build a race boulder over volume on a slab. The one who reaches the farthest grip will be the winner. Furthermore there will be a Highjump-Contest, so whoever jumps to the highest hold and holds it, wins. Last but not least there will be a simultaneous bouldering, which is based on the superfinal bouldering at the Adidas Rockstars. This means that two climbers start in parallel in a completely identical boulder. Whoever reaches the top hold first is the winner, of course. After the small contests we would like to give you a special bouldering experience – bouldering in black light. The holds will be illuminated in fluorescent colors and you will be part of a very special atmosphere.

Food and drinks will be provided and the party with DJ afterwards is not to be missed! All you need is a good mood in your luggage. We are looking forward to seeing you!