There's a little something.

For all those who don't prefer footless - we have footholds on the campus board right now!

Dear friends of vertical to steep entertainment,

we have great news for you: There are finally footholds on our campus board! These are great for taking weight off of various exercises and slowly and safely pushing yourself to your limits. Whether you want to improve your finger strength, your coordination or your explosiveness, with the footholds you can customize your workout and increase your progress.
The footholds are placed in two rows, 50 cm apart, and should be a great help in taking a little more weight off your fingers for all exercises, but still leaving enough to provide a training stimulus. You can use them for both static and dynamic exercises, depending on what you want to train. We would have one small request: if possible, use the footholds without shoes, so that they live as long as possible.
We invite you to try out the new footholds and give us your feedback. We are looking forward to your visit at Boulderhalle Steil!