Held Bräu back in stock.

The classic franconian Beer is back at Steil!

If you’ve ever been to Franconia to go climbing, you’ll have noticed that almost every village, no matter how small, has its own brewery that produces its own delicious barley juice. In this same picturesque landscape of the Franconian Jura lies the small village of Oberailsfeld, known for its delicious beer – Held Bräu. The Held family has been brewing the beer according to a traditional recipe for generations and has made it one of the best beers in the region. The Held brewery also has a small but very popular pub. Climbers always like to stop here after they’ve been trying hard on the sheer number of routes on the Franconian limestone rocks.
So, now you know the background – everything comes fresh from Franconia to Karlsruhe. Now you can enjoy your Held after bouldering at Boulderhalle Steil. But you have to be quick, the supply is not infinite…