The new collection of Steil hoodies

Autumn is just around the corner and winter is already scratching its hooves. Therefore, we have a new collection of Steil hoodies for you. As always, we use high quality materials and work with a company that is known for its reliability and precision. The hoodies are embroidered on the front with an inconspicuous but unmistakable Steil mascot and on their back is a modern print, which in abstraction represents the classic silhouette of the Steil bouldering wall. The design comes from our employee Rabea, who really put her mind to it.

The hoodies are available in sizes XS to XL and in the colors Aloe, Stargazer and Black.

Add to that our discount promotion for you: if you buy a hoodie until 12.10. you get 5% off your next year’s subscription and additionally the chance to win a year’s subscription – read that right! A year’s subscription for free!

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