Fresh stuff on the overhanging wall.

Get your biceps burning and your fingertips melting!

As always, our setters have tried their best and again left numerous gems in the form of boulders. We hope that we have met all wishes and preferences and that you can work out to your heart’s content. Covering bouldering of all preferences and every nuance of difficulty is sometimes like squaring the circle. That’s why there is a huge responsibility in the hands of every setter. As a mascot of the screwdrivers would be the jack of all trades, because here, too, all preferences must be satisfied and all requirements met. The goal is to present bouldering at Steilk as enjoyable and motivating as possible, so that the love for the sport continues to burn. However, since no one has ever succeeded in turning into a boulder-setting “jack of all trades”, we ask for your indulgence if one or the other boulder is less convenient for you and requires more dedication

Until then, have fun with the new boulders.