Steil fanny packs

Our  steil fanny packs are back in stock!

two women show the new colors of your steil fanny packs which are back in stock.

Hello dear steilers,

We have good news for you! The legendary “Steil fanny packs” are back in the store! And this time they come in a colorful palette that is as vibrant as your bouldering session.

Whether you’re out on the rock or at Steil, these handmade masterpieces from Karlsruhe offer enough space for your keys, wallet, snacks or smartphone. Simone, the artist behind these bags, knows the Steil bouldering hall like the back of her hand. After all, she regularly screws boulders that will make you stretch your fingers.

What colors are there?

Now for the color frenzy: you’re spoiled for choice between classic black, mystical purple, vibrant pink, soft yellow and cool petrol. You are spoiled for choice. All bum bags are made from high-quality corduroy fabric.

But don’t dawdle!

Treat yourself or your loved ones to a piece of Steil flair. Because as you surely know, Christmas is just around the corner. You’ll benefit from the convenient storage of all your little things in one place. With the hip Steil fanny packs, everything important is always within reach in front of your chest. So pop into the store and grab your favorite color before it’s out of stock again!

Be ready to adorn yourself with the “Steil fanny packs”. Because when bouldering, it’s not just the performance on the wall that counts, but also the style on the approach!

Your Steil team.