At its steepest.

The new highlights in the roof on our gallery!

We proudly present boulders at its steepest. Get in touch with the newest creations here at Boulderhalle Steil in Karlsruhe.

The roof on our gallery proudly presents its new boulders, which show even the most experienced steep climbers what “at its steepest” really means. As always, we remain true to our name and will not leave you at the slab.

The ultimate training

For those looking for new challenges, the new creations on the gallery are just the thing. From dynamic moves to tricky balancing acts, everything is there to challenge you and you have to find your own solution.

A feast for the senses

It’s not just the fingers that are challenged here. The new boulders on the gallery are a feast for the senses. Colorful holds, creative routes and one or the other surprise moment provide an incomparable bouldering pleasure. The yellow boulder with different starts will cause a lot of discussion. What do you think of such experiments? 

In conclusion, are you ready for the ultimate bouldering experience? The roof on the gallery is waiting for brave souls who are ready to be challenged “at its steepest”.

To summarize: Does the word “challenge” sound like music to your ears and are you ready to test your limits? Then the gallery in the bouldering gym Steil in Karlsruhe is your new home. Here you can experience bouldering at its steepest!

Now you are certainly hot for the new boulders! Here we have some beta videos for you! This is the Nik and Nico show, because the other setters were too tired. Accordingly, they are allowed a break until the next resetting date. Sit back and enjoy the show.

In this sense: See you soon at the Steil!