Mega Event.

A steep afternoon and an epic night at Boulderhalle Steil in Karlsruhe!

It was hot on Saturday not only because of the Karlsruhe air, but especially because of the great finals of the Epic Steil Cup. You made it to this mega event and the participants showed top performance despite the heat.

What a great atmosphere

Without exaggerating, we can say that Karlsruhe’s steep boulders have never been livelier than on this memorable evening! Two main events took place: The Advanced Final and the Extreme Final. And we tell you, they were truly…. shall we say… epic!

The Advanced Finale offered a mix of strength and technique that brought beads of sweat to the foreheads of our extremely experienced boulderers. But even though the effort was great, the fun was at least as great. The participants threw themselves into the challenges with full enthusiasm, accompanied by smiling faces and cheering spectators. 

But then came the extreme finale. If the “Epic Steil Cup” had been a cooking pot full of excitement and energy until then, then the lid was taken off with the Extreme Final and the whole Boulderhalle Steil was brought to boil over! With an impressive display of bouldering artistry, the Extreme Finale put on a show that put even the Hollywood blockbusters to shame.

Once again a full wall

Now it’s Monday and what are we doing at Boulderhalle Steil? We’re filling up the competition wall with more boulders because we know you can’t get enough of it. We love to surprise you with new challenges and get your adrenaline pumping.

Finally, we hope you enjoyed this mega event from Epic Steil Cup as much as we did. And though the party is over, the spirit of the competition lives on in every boulder we create for you.

Thank you for being a part of this epic night and stay tuned for what we have in store for you next! Here at Boulderhalle Steil, the fun never ends!