Friday at Steil.

The final boulders for the Epic Steil Cup are getting on the wall!

It’s this Friday at Steil. The legendary setting team – Liam, Emi, Luis, Julius, Jonas and Nico – stand ready, eyes flashing eagerly. The goal? To set the final boulders for the Epic Steil Cup, so mercilessly challenging that they could make even Spiderman cry.

So it begins on Friday…

With a cup of strong coffee, they start work on the Extreme Final. Liam, our unofficial “Master of Micro Moves,” is known for his penchant for absurd overhangs. Emi, the “diva of the dead point”, will force you to grab the hold at the right moment. Luis, our “boss of gravity “, brings momentum to the routes. Julius, the “juggler of jibs”, tinkers with the finest details. Jonas, the “ruler of the handles”, makes sure that every grip is perfectly placed. Last comes Nico, the “king of complexity”, adding a touch of sanity to all the chaos.

After Friday at Steil full of bubbles, sweat and the roar of the cordless drill, the final boulders are ready for the Extreme Final. They are not just boulders. They are masterpieces to tickle the best out of our athletes. Spiderman has already cancelled.

…and extends into Saturday morning

Saturday morning. The coffee is stronger. The eyes are more tired, but the goal remains the same: setting the boulders for the Advanced Final. Liam and Luis are back, probably they slept in the gym overnight. Peter, the “Prince Powerfull”, and Nora, the “Mermaid of Thrills”, join the team. Jonas and Nico, apparently indestructible, are of course also back.

A breath of fresh air is brought by Peter, who places every foothold and grip with millimeter precision. With him and Nora creating the most exciting sequences that make the heart beat faster, the Advanced Finale is in good hands.

And so, dear friends of Boulderhalle Steil, our brave team once again manages the impossible. They transform rough, hard plastic into a challenge that appeals to both our bodies and our minds. The Epic Steil Cup is just around the corner, and with it routes that will make even the most hardcore athlete shiver.


Get ready for Saturdays kick off at 4pm. It’s going to be epic. It’s going to be steep. See you there! And don’t forget the big party afterwards!

P.S. for those who want to climb anyway: the rest of the gym is open as usual.