Slab creations.

The new steep boulder creations will take you to your favorite slab!

The new steep bouldering creations will take you to your favorite slab!

Friends of the cultivated creeping! Have you heard about the latest creations on the slab? They are located on the steepest slab in Karlsruhe – your favorite slab. Here you can show again on silent soles how much your balance hangs on your toes.

In setter’s heaven

Our creative minds have decided that it’s time to push the limits of slab climbing. Accordingly, the smallest footholds were placed on the flattest surface of Steil. Imagine your feet are carrying most of your weight and pure body control will help. This is your chance to put your balance to the test while moving around in the most absurd situations.

So, what can you expect on the record? First of all, favorable sunny weather was used to clean the wall from the traces of the last years. Because only in such sunshine the wall dries fast enough. Then, our route setters brought out their inner comedian and created some true masterpieces of whimsicality. Volumes were mounted, movements were devised on the ground and trains were forced by all the tricks.

When it comes to holds…

Not a day goes by that the setter doesn’t think about a boulder’s hold(s). We all have a slight tendency to perfection here and would like to offer you the crème de la crème of bouldering. Sometimes everything stands and falls in the creativity of the setter, but the right grips often help here on the jigs. That’s why your Boulderhalle Steil will never reach the state of enough holds. Because this does not exist according to our firm opinion.

So, dear boulder fans, it’s time to prepare for your next session. Face the absurd new boulder creations on the slab at Steil Karlsruhe. As always, bring your good mood and sense of humor – because that’s the secret ingredient for an unforgettable experience!

See you soon, see you steep!