Family time.

The Epic Steil Cup does not stop at the family area either!

Are you ready for a new bouldering adventure at Steil? Then grab your climbing shoes and get ready for the new sector! Today, the back section of our family area was in the spotlight and will be beefed up with 15 brand new boulders for the ongoing Epic Steil Cup qualifier. But we don’t just have the big ones in mind – the little ones won’t be missing out either. As always, we’ve added fun and cheerful boulders in the family area, too, so everyone will get their money’s worth.

ESC is still in full swing

If you’re still feeling the urge to make some crosses, now’s your chance! Get your score card and get to work checking off all the boulderers. You should know the best part. The score card is not only proof of your epic climbing skills, but also your golden ticket to our highly coveted raffle.

Just think, you could challenge your luck and win one of our fantastic prizes! From high-end bouldering accessories to a crash pad for exciting adventures in the great outdoors, our raffle is chock full of treasures. So don’t miss your chance to enter the raffle with your route card. With a little luck, you could walk away with one of the great prizes. 

Today’s setting day isn’t just an opportunity to take on new challenges and put your climbing skills to the test. It’s also a celebration of fun and community. Immerse yourself in the upbeat atmosphere, meet other bouldering enthusiasts, and share your enthusiasm for the vertical lifestyle. (Alias Lifesteil) Together we’ll create memories that will resonate at Boulderhalle Steil for years to come.

So pack up your climbing friends, family and climbing skills and come on by! The newly set back family area is once again an asset of great bouldering you can’t miss. We look forward to welcoming you with open arms and a whole lot of fun.

Note: Score cards are limited, so secure yours early at the counter.

Your Team Steil