End of a journey.

The last 15 boulders for the Epic Steil Cup are on the wall!

The last tapes are now stuck and all numbers are written down. With a total of 150 boulders, the qualifying round for the Epic Steil Cup is now complete. This marks the end of a journey. These last set masterpieces are in the front part of our family area. This means for you to give it all once again and collect points! 

The 15 more tricky boulders are waiting to be conquered by you. They will challenge your dexterity and make your muscles quiver. But don’t worry, we’ve thought of the little ones too! In addition to the qualification boulders, there are other colorful challenges for young and old.  If things don’t go as planned today, our Steil bistro is also not far away to provide perhaps overdue refreshment.

But that’s not all. Next week the setting team will go back to the normal rhythm and conjure up fresh boulders on our walls. It starts next Monday on the window side on the gallery. On Wednesday it will be the turn of the second part of the island in the main gym.

Don’t forget your score card

But wait, not so fast! Next Sunday is the time to turn in your score card. Qualifying is nearing its climax, and we can’t wait for the thrill of the grand finals. Who will emerge victorious in their respective category and claim the Epic Steil Cup title? The tension is rising!

And as if that wasn’t enough, the raffle draw is waiting for you between the two finals. We will reward your participation in the Epic Steil Cup with great prizes and surprises. It’s your chance to have luck on your side and go home with a big smile on your face.

All that remains is to wish you the steepest grip ever today to check off everything in the family area of the Steil. Here you can expect not only spectacular boulders, but also the community of the Steil family.

In this sense: Step on the gas, go steil!