Holiday opening hours.

Bouldering gym Steil has the gates wide open on October 3!

Hodliday opening hours at Boulderhalle Steil in Karlsruhe

Dear boulderers, great news: It’s a holiday on Oct. 3, and you’re probably wondering, “Will the Steil bouldering gym even open?” The answer is… Drum roll, please… Yes, yes and yes again! And you know what’s even cooler? We have the exact same opening hours as always: 7am to 11pm. No tricks, no traps, just pure bouldering pleasure!

So it’s the perfect opportunity to free yourself from the shackles of holiday boredom. And for all of you who only think of sleeping in and lazing around when you hear the word “holiday”: think again! We have fresh bouldering in the family area just waiting to kick your butt.

So, grab your climbing shoes, forget the excuses and come on by. Let’s make this holiday a bouldering day!

Because: a holiday without bouldering is like a cake without cream. Simply incomplete!

See you at the bouldering gym Steil in Karlsruhe.