Sun Slab Party.

Fresh fun on the slabs!

Die Schwerkraft hat Pause. Oder zumindest könnt ihr das bei diesen Bouldern gut gebrauchen. Es sei denn ihr nutzt eure Fähigkeiten uns zeigt den Bouldern, wer die Kraft hat.

Hey dear bouldering friends! You heard it right: The sunny side of the bouldering gym Steil got an update. Our ingenious setter team has once again worked their fingers to the bone and conjured up a few new creations on the slab. So off to the wall to the sun slab party.

In this magnificent weather, the bouldering really comes into its own with the open gates. The grip is (still) great and the air could hardly be better. So secure your top spot on the wall and feel almost like being outside in the great outdoors.

And here’s the kicker: these boulders have an even more limited lifespan than usual! Not because they aren’t cool enough, but because they have to make room for our upcoming event “Steilzeit” on 10/21. So, you pretty much have TWO weeks to climb these masterpieces before they go to eternal bouldering heaven.

Make a big cross in your calendar or use all the to-do and calendar apps you can find on your smartphone. Because “Steilzeit” will be a party again! More information will follow soon here and on social media. So stay tuned to see what’s in store for you! 

Last but not least, a little riddle for you: What do sun slab party and a sunburn have in common? Both are only visible for a short time, so enjoy the rays while you can!

So, grab your chalkbags and let’s go! See you on the wall, in the sunny paradise of Boulderhalle Steil! 

Your team from the Boulderhalle Steil in Karlsruhe.