Island Update.

Bouldering like under palm trees!

Our Island got an update. This is the slightly overhanging sector in the main hall. Here you'll find technical and straightforward boulders.

Hello, dear Steil community!

It’s that time again: island update! Yes, our legendary overhanging part of the island was freshly set. Not only do the boulders have the right flow, but they also look great.

Eye candy

When it comes to the visual experience, the island sets new standards. The colors pop, the shapes are appealing, and frankly, these boulders are so beautiful you’d love to put them in a museum. But hold your horses, because these works of art are for climbing! And: as always, they will only stay with you for five weeks. Because the re-setting cycle at the bouldering gym Steil in Karlsruhe is extremely reluctant to get out of sync.

Technical delicacies

Of course, bouldering isn’t just about looks (although that’s a nice bonus). Our setting crew has incorporated highly complex moves and techniques into the bouldering, so not only will your eyes be in for a feast, but your muscles as well.

Pure motivation

The newly set boulders in the overhanging part of the island are so tempting that even couch potatoes suddenly feel the urge to swap their remote control for a chalk bag. Everyone will be motivated to get on here, I promise!

Absolute Must-Tries

An island update at Boulderhalle Steil is like a software update for your smartphone: absolutely necessary and full of surprises. So go ahead, grab your chalkbags and experience the island like never before!

See you soon, your Team Steil!