Ticket giveaway.

Get yourself a ReelRock 17 ticket!

Our Island got an update. This is the slightly overhanging sector in the main hall. Here you'll find technical and straightforward boulders.

So, watch out, dear bouldering enthusiasts of Boulderhalle Steil in Karlsruhe: If you are tired from all the bouldering and also feel like a cinematic treat, you should now make pointed ears! The climbing movie of the year is waiting for you!

Tickets for the ReelRock 17 Filmtour

How can you take part in the Steil Filmtour ticket competition? It’s easy: Just drop by the counter during your next visit to our gym and put your name and email address into the lottery pot. Don’t worry, the lottery pot is the only thing at the gym that doesn’t require a beta.

When do I have the chance?

From Saturday, 09.09, it starts and you have until next Wednesday. Until then, our lottery pot is full of joyful expectation at our counter.

Then, next Thursday, the time has come: The lucky fairy from Boulderhalle Steil will draw two winners! So, don’t hesitate and throw your name into the pot. Because as they say: Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Or in our case: If you don’t go steil, you stay on the ground!

If you don’t manage to get a ticket, this is no reason to mope. Anyway, you will have another chance to get tickets soon. Soon we will give away two tickets for the upcoming EOFT. This is the European Outdoor Film Tour, which will captivate you with breathtaking images of summit adventures.

In any case, we keep our fingers crossed and see you soon at Steil!