Reset ahead of the long weekend.

New boulders on the steep wall for Whitsun!

Spring is in full swing and with it comes not only sunshine and blooming landscapes, but also brand new challenges for all climbers at Steil! Our setters have been working diligently again today to surprise you with fresh and exciting boulders. We hope you will hardly be able to keep your fingers still when you come to examine the new boulders at Boulderhalle Steil. It is important to us that there is something for every level of difficulty, whether you are a beginner or an experienced pro. Jenny, our queen of holds and kicks, has proven once again that she is a true genius when it comes to creating unique challenges. You’ll smile at every boulder and put your skills to the test!
But Jenny is not alone in the spotlight. Liam, Peter, Marius and Sese have also left their own unique mark on the new boulders. With their different approaches and inexhaustible wealth of ideas, they have ensured that the variety of bouldering this year is greater than ever before. We’re sure you’ll be thrilled by the varied moves and ingenious grip combinations.

There’s more to know

But that’s not all we have to offer you! We would like to remind you that shortly after Whitsun the qualification for this year’s Epic Steil Cup will start. You can buy the route cards at the counter with the beginning of next week. From next Wednesday on you can check off the first 30 boulders of the qualification round. Because of the holiday there will be no setting on Monday, but on the following Wednesday there will be double the number of sectors. We never want to deprive you of new boulder.

So you can look forward to the coming Wednesday in double measure – we do it too.