Steep new year.

Full power for 2024!

A steep new year wishes you the whole team from Boulderhalle Steil. You one and only gym for Karlsruhe.

Dear loyal Steil community,

We would like to thank you all from the bottom of our hearts for the past year and are already looking forward to a steep new year in 2024!

Thank you for all the wonderful moments at our events, competitions and parties. You are the steepest! Your enthusiasm and feedback gives us the motivation to keep going the extra mile and surprise you with new ideas. 

Steep events in 2024

In the new year, we are particularly excited about the Boulderbundesliga, which will be stopping by on April 6. But that’s not all, because another Epic Steil Cup is also being planned for this year. There will almost certainly also be other smaller events – so keep your eyes and ears open.

The small differences 

Meanwhile, summer can come, because our air conditioning systems have been installed and we can run them on electricity from our photovoltaic system when the sun is shining. This means we can use solar energy to ensure cool temperatures when bouldering. 

Sad news 

Unfortunately, we are forced to adjust our bistro prices due to the increased costs we will be facing from January 1st. In the course of this, we will also be discontinuing our early bird rate and the cost for the 11 card will rise a little. Don’t worry, all prices for season tickets will remain unchanged.

Nevertheless, here’s to a frankly steep new year, new adventures, exciting sessions and lots of bouldering fun!

We look forward to seeing you,

Emi & Julius and the whole Team Steil!