Steep pinsa.

A pinsa for the gourmet!

A steep pinsa is laying on a wooden plate. The pinsa is topped with salami.

Hey, dear customers and gourmets!

Is it time for a proper bite to eat after bouldering? We’ve got something new for you, and not just a plain snack, but a “steep pinsa”. It will challenge your palate just as much as our boulders will challenge your devotion.

Who or what is Pinsa?

Instead of the usual pizza dough, a fluffy sourdough forms the basis of a proper pinsa. The result? A steep pinsa that is not only pleasantly filling, but will also stick in your memory.

What varieties are available at Steil?

For the purists and vegetarians among you, there’s the “Margherita” version of the Steile Pinsa, which impresses with its simple perfection. And for those who like it a little spicier, like an unexpected crux in a boulder, we offer the “Salami” version.

Come by and try our steep pinsa! Because after a day full of dynamic moves and steep overhangs, you deserve nothing less than a meal that is just as legendary as the boulders you have mastered. In addition, after a successful session, you need the calories to keep your muscles growing.

Or rather, maybe the pinsa will become the topic of conversation on the edge of the mat instead of your next challenge. So, grab a slice, sit back and enjoy. 

See you at the bar – and don’t forget: Balance is key when bouldering and eating!

Your team at the Steil bouldering gym.