Air conditioning at Steil.

Next summer there will be something!

Air Conditioning at Steil is up and will be running. Next year's gonna be cooler than this.

Hey you Steepers, we’ve been paying attention – literally! Our brand new air conditioning at Steil is under construction and will provide the necessary cooling on our gallery in the coming summer. Yes, you heard right, because the times of sweltering hot temperatures especially on the gallery should now be a thing of the past. So no more hot fiddling with the handles, because we bring the cold directly to you!

The AC gets solar power

But wait, it gets even better. This cool breeze comes with an eco-friendly twist. Our brand new photovoltaic system generates the electricity the air conditioner needs. That means the electricity we use is 100% sustainable and kissed by the sun. As we all know, the roof of the bouldering gym Steil in Karlsruhe is big enough and we can provide more solar power in the future. What do you think about a charging station for electric vehicles, for example!

If all this isn’t cool, then we don’t know what is! So, hold on tight as we treat you to fresh, cool air and a touch of sustainability this summer. You can look forward to a steep climbing experience, sans heat waves! Stay cool, steep friends! And show some love to the air conditioning at Steil.

Cool greetings, your Team Steil.