Steepest joys.

Snappy blocs in the overhang on the island!

We have exciting news for all passionate steep climbers! At Boulderhalle Steil, exciting new boulders have been created in the overhanging wall section at the island of the main hall. This sector will thrill both beginners and advanced climbers. In addition, we have created 15 more qualifying boulder for you for our upcoming Epic Steil Cup, which will culminate with a great final on July 8.

Beauties on the island

Our route setters have worked hard to create a variety of challenges at different difficulty levels. Whether you are still at the beginning of your bouldering career or you are already a experienced boulderer, you will definitely get your money’s worth with us. From easier beginner boulders to tricky and challenging movement problems, we have something for everyone.

The new boulders in the overhanging part of the wall on the island not only offer a physical challenge, but also challenge your climbing technique and creativity. Every hold and move requires precise timing and a strategic approach. You will test and overcome your limits as you continue to diligently collect points on your score card.

Because for all competition enthusiasts, we have of course again added 15 qualifying boulder for the Epic Steil Cup. This top-class competition attracts every year the best boulderers from the region, who fight for the title. With the new qualifying boulderers, you’ll have the chance to show off your skills and qualify for the grand finals on July 8. It will be a spectacle that will make the walls shake!

In a breathtaking show you can see the best boulderers in action and admire their impressive performances. With sweaty hands, you will cheer on the athletes as they fight for places in the finals.

Mark July 8 in your calendars and don’t miss the grand finale of the Epic Steil Cup at Boulderhalle Steil. Continue to step on the gas at the qualifying bouldering events. Challenge yourself and let the exciting atmosphere take you away.

We look forward to welcoming you to Steil to explore the new boulders at the island together.

Steep greetings,

The team at Boulderhalle Steil