From steep to slab.

Where fun meets technique - or the other way round!

Welcome dear boulder enthusiasts and dear participants of the Epic Steil Cup! Today the slab on the gallery was on the re-setting schedule. Here again everything revolves around tricky technique and clever tricks that will put your skills to the test.

Keep it flat and slabby

Unlike the steep walls of the previous sectors, we’ve opted for a slightly different approach this time. The boulder on the slab may not be that steep, but don’t be fooled – they still demand everything from you. Your creativity is needed here, because it’s not just about reaching the holds, but also about finding the right balance and body control.

You’ll find that the bouldering on the slab is a veritable maze of challenges. Every hold and every foothold must be chosen carefully. It’s not just bicep power and finger strength that counts here, but also your ability to plan and execute your movements with precision.

But that’s not all! We also have great news for all the ambitious climbers out there. The Epic Steil Cup continues, providing you with an additional 15 qualifying boulder climbs that can give you more crosses on your score card. So pack your best pair of climbing shoes and take the honors on the new challenges!

We suggest you don’t get too intimidated by the pitfalls of slab bouldering. The technique of bouldering is indeed demanding and costs nerves. But as a wise saying goes, “climbing has never been easy”. Let’s laugh together about our falls, give each other tips, and share our joy in the challenge. In the end, it’s all about having fun and developing new skills.

So grab your climbing shoes, take on the challenges of the slab in the gallery and make the Epic Steil Cup an unforgettable adventure. Our new boulders will surely surprise you, but we know you’re ready to push your limits and go beyond yourself.

Your Team Steil