Steil league.

Preparations are underway!

Steil league is the a word game that which contains Boulder Bundesliga and Steil. This is an event which takes place on April 6th.


The Boulder Bundesliga starts on April 6. German Cup in the evening at 6 pm (free to watch). Prior to this, restrictions due to Boulder setting on April 4 & 5.

And here we go…

On April 6, the Steil bouldering gym in Karlsruhe will be the venue for the 13th edition of the Boulder Bundesliga and the German Cup. This means that the best boulderers from all over Germany will be competing with us. And you can be there live!

What is Boulder Bundesliga?

The Boulder Bundesliga consists of three leagues for men and women, which differ in terms of the difficulty of the boulders. Fiirst league is the most challenging league, in which the best boulderers in Germany compete. Second league is the intermediate league, which is suitable for advanced boulderers who want to improve even further. Third league is the lowest and easiest league, which is intended for beginners and hobby boulderers who enjoy bouldering and want to compare themselves with others.

This Germany-wide competition series consists of 13 stations. Each station contains 15 boulders per league, which must be solved by the participants. Points are awarded according to difficulty and number of attempts. The best six men and women qualify for the German Cup, which takes place on the same day at 6 pm. As a spectator, you can join in the excitement for free.

After April 6, the boulders will be open to everyone and will remain on the walls for a total of six weeks. This means you can continue to collect points for the overall ranking in your league. You can try your hand at the same challenges as the pros and see how you fare. Maybe you’ll discover your new favorite boulder or break a personal record.

Watch out:

In order for the competition boulders to be perfect, we have to set them beforehand, of course. This means that on April 4th and 5th there will be some restrictions on bouldering. We ask for your understanding that only part of the wall area will be available on these days. After a little bit of renunciation, you can look forward all the more to exciting and varied bouldering.

So, be there when the steil league starts in Karlsruhe. Whether as a spectator, participant or post-boulderer, you are guaranteed to have a lot of fun and get new ideas for your bouldering. We look forward to seeing you!

Your Team Steil