Steil day.

More parking spaces and a shared flat rate that's a real winner!

A group of young people is celebrating the steil day.

Hello dear climbing friends!

Are you and your flatmates always looking for activities to do together? If so, then we’ve got something for you, because Friday is now Steil day! With our shared flat rate, we offer you a 10% discount on the day ticket every Friday. All you need is a shared address. Now that’s an offer that will lure even the thriftiest fox out of hiding. (Offer valid as long as Friday is not a public holiday).

Good news for those who own a car

And as if that wasn’t enough, we have another surprise for you: 

we have optimized our parking situation! You can now also park your cars right by the front building, on the left-hand side. More space for everyone – and that means less stress and more climbing. Please note that the parking spaces on the right must remain free for residents.

Send a message to your flat-sharing group and motivate your flatmates to the max. Then fill up a car and come along! 

See you soon and stay steil, your team at Boulderhalle Steil