Beauty and challenge.

New boulders on the overhang at the island!

Here at Boulderhalle Steil in Karlsruhe, we firmly believe that beauty and challenge can go hand in hand. This belief was confirmed once again when our boulder setters Liam, Peter, Jonas and Nik got to work. They transformed the overhanging wall at the island into a true bouldering oasis.

The ascetic aspect

With a mixture of precision, creativity and a little pinch of mischievousness, they have created a series of boulder routes that are both visually and physically impressive. Not only will your endurance be tested here, but your sense of aesthetics as well.

You can look forward to powerful moves and also a fair amount of technique. As a small special feature, there is a brand new hold set in yellow for you. Our setter Peter has taken care of this and created an aesthetic masterpiece of sloper pliers for you. Liam wants to put you to the test with his technical plate with the red and black grips. While Nik will again ask your dynamics, Jonas will please you with fluid movements. The variety of routes ensures that there is something for everyone – whether beginner or experienced climber.

Best part is that these challenges also look great. The team has put great emphasis on the beauty and visual aspect of the routes. So you will not only have a sporty experience, but also a visual one to enjoy.

We are looking forward to you and your opinions

Be inspired by the unique boulders that Liam, Peter, Jonas and Nik have created for you with a lot of dedication and fun. We are excited to see how you master the new challenges and look forward to experiencing your success.

In this sense: Happy bouldering and have fun exploring the new routes! We are looking forward to your next visit at Boulderhalle Steil.