Boulders and Bar.

New boulders directly at the bar!

Dear boulder fans and coffee lovers, 

The wait is finally over! Boulderhalle Steil in Karlsruhe proudly presents the much anticipated new boulder in the front part of the family area. But that’s not all, dear boulder enthusiasts, because the location of these new challenges couldn’t be better – directly in sight of our beloved bar! New boulders and bar are united.

Clear advantage in the family area

You can now have the smell of freshly brewed coffee in your nose while conquering the boulders. Accordingly, you can expect not only a physical, but also a sensual experience.

The new boulders are placed in such a way that they are almost in the shadow of the bar. What does that mean? Well, apart from the fact that you’ll never lose sight of your cappuccino, you’ll also always have a welcome incentive to score the latest Steil creations. A delicious drink is virtually waiting at the top jug!

It’s hard to deny that boulderers are often driven by an unquenchable thirst for success. So why not quench that thirst with a refreshing drink from our bar? You’re just a few finger-pumping moves away from your well-deserved caffeine boost or, for the brave among you, an iced vodka Steil.

Bouldering fun for young and old

The boulders in the front family area offer new challenges for every age group and every ability. Everyone can join in the relaxed atmosphere of our bar-boulder combination. A jump, a ledge, a bit of pushing – and you’re one step closer to your goal. And at the end of your session at the latest, a refreshing drink will be waiting for you!

So, grab your climbing shoes and get ready for an adventurous bouldering session that will culminate in a pleasant sip of your favorite beverage. Accordingly, we invite you to discover the latest and greatest bouldering in Karlsruhe. Nothing beats the feeling of climbing new boulders, especially when a delicious drink is waiting for you!

Stop by and get excited about our new boulder challenges. We are looking forward to seeing you!