Extra flat

Attack on the tips of your toes!

In the heart of Karlsruhe, Boulderhalle Steil attracts climbing enthusiasts with its latest acquisition: The new boulders on the slab in the gallery. They’re so extra flat that even a pancake would be envious. 

As you stand on the wall, breathing in the scent of sweat and chalk, you can sense that something is flatter, something is different. If you’re only attracted to impressively steep bouldering with wide moves on big holds, you won’t quite find it here. But don’t be fooled! The challenges presented by this flat wall might make real boulderers cry.

The slab calls for your technique

All the new boulders are extra flat, extra tricky, and extra fun. The holds are as colorful as a rainbow after a summer rain and as diverse as our Steil visitors. From large, half-smooth holds, to mint-colored ledges that offer less grip than a damp bar of soap, it’s all here.

But the wall isn’t just visually eye-catching. No, these boulders have character. They’re like a cranky cat on a diet – extra flat and always ready to give you a scratch.  In any case, each foothold should be chosen with care. Otherwise, you could find yourself on the ground after involuntary body contact with the wall.

But you know what? Every fall, every scrape is worth it. Because here at Boulderhalle Steil, it’s not about how many times you fall, but how many times you pick yourself up and try again. It’s about showing the extra flat wall what you can do. 

Call to go steep

So, put on your bouldering shoes, dip your fingers in your chalk bag, and get ready to show the wall what works. Because it’s time to conquer the extra flat boulders on the gallery. Always remember: the real top is not at the finish hold, but in the way there. So, “extra flat”, but extra motivated!

Team Steil wishes you a lot of fun and even more success.