Busy week.

Last sector before the Epic Steil Cup is ready for you!

Hey, dear bouldering friends! This busy week at Steil will supply you with loads of new boulders. If you’re looking for a challenge that will make you sweat and your fingers burn, then you’ve come to the right place.

Our route setters have been busy and gifted us with new sparkling boulders in the slabby sector of the island. Airy and partly shady, these are located on the wall at the gates. Ideal to work again on the perhaps somewhat rusty foot technique after all the steep sectors.

In all seriousness, these new routes are not only a consolation but also a great way to prepare yourself for the upcoming big event – the finals of the Epic Steil Cup this coming Saturday. These boulders are treacherous, cunning, and a little mean. They’re not for faint fingers or faint nerves. But we know you have the courage to take on the challenge.


In short, dear bouldering friends, we’ve pulled out all the stops to bring you top-notch challenges again that will definitely get you in the mood for the Epic Steil Cup finals. 

Small info event

Speaking of the finals, here’s a quick recap for how the rest of the week at Steil will go: we’ll start setting up the finals on Friday and complete them on Saturday morning. In addition, all the technology for the lights and sound system will be delivered on Friday. That’s why you can expect more or less severe restrictions in climbing and bouldering on both days. Nevertheless we will be open for you as usual. The rest of Boulderhalle Steil will remain boulder-able for you to your heart’s content.

It remains to say: We look forward to seeing you in the slabby sector of the island. In addition the grand finale of the Epic Steil Cup will take place next Saturday. May the holds be with you!