New and shiny.

Window side boulders now decorate the gallery!

To the holds, ready, Steil! Our bouldering gym Steil has new and shiny boulders on the window side on the gallery. These are not only a precious sight, but also a challenge in themselves. Looking at these masterpieces of bouldering art will surely raise your pulse – but don’t worry, that’s just anticipation!

The boulders in this sector are now the first that are no longer part of the Epic Steep Cup qualification. We are returning to our usual rating scale here. Nevertheless, the boulders are set with the same dedication and attention to detail as their predecessors.

Don’t let the outward appearance distract you. Because we’ve heard that some of these boulders are so tricky that they feel more like brain jogging than climbing. Some climbers even claim you can now barely tell bouldering apart from a brain sport like chess. So prepare to stretch your muscles and get your brain going as you tackle these new challenges.

There was something…

The Epic Steil Cup finals are this coming Saturday, so don’t miss your chance to see the Steil elite in action. You will see how they fight on the boulders to be on the top of the podium. Of course, in the coming days you will also have the chance to test your skills on the final boulders. Because these will remain in the wall after the event.

P.S.: According to unconfirmed rumors, the new boulders can even fulfill wishes. Some visitors have reported that after conquering the boulder they suddenly had the urge to order a pizza. Pure coincidence? We think not! Try it for yourself, and maybe our bistro or store can fulfill your wish too. Only we don’t have the button to turn off gravity. But then the attraction of the steep would be gone.