Fresh coat of paint for bouldering wall and locker room!

Get ready, dear boulder fans! A lot happened today, thanks to our four workaholics. Jenny, Liam, Peter and Marius – have once again been creative and set exciting new boulders.

Permanent power while setting

Jenny found time to set with us again and didn’t stint with ideas. During a break of almost five weeks she accumulated a lot of creativity, which was now reflected on the wall at our Steil. In other words, Jenny was able to pursue her passion with delight today and has left you a few gems of bouldering.

Liam, our master of technical routes, has outdone himself. His boulders, as always, require not only pure strength, but also balance and acrobatic skill. At least with no one else, it is so important that all four points are always in contact with the wall. Even in the situations where you least believe.

Peter, trained like Adonis and with tendons made of wire, has struck again. In his boulders, you can personally address your core muscles. With each additional move in his creations, your biceps will grow along with it.

Marius has mastered the art of creating a boulder for all levels. No matter if beginner or pro, everyone finds his own way to the top. And there is always a good portion of mental performance involved. This can put many an aspirant to the test.

But that was not all

While our workaholics were hogging the wall, Johnson, our wellness guy, was giving the men’s locker room a fresh coat of paint. What color? A well-kept secret waiting for you to discover! 

Experience the new energy our workaholics have at Boulderhalle Steil in Karlsruhe. Be the first to admire the freshly painted Johnson locker room. Because with us it is called: Workaholic and proud of it!