Boulders for families.

Small and big challenges at Boulderhalle Steil!

There is a breath of fresh air at Boulderhalle Steil! We have new boulders for families for all bouldering enthusiasts in Karlsruhe. Our youngest members, Karl and Jona, have already tested our newly set area for Kids and families in advance. So a large part of the boulders are child safe in their own way.

The best to test

At the same time, each child has his or her own way of bouldering. As far as Karl could reach, he put every single boulder through its paces. With an enthusiasm that infected us all, he swung from hold to hold. One or the other boulder had it in for him and he even switched to projecting mode.

Jona, on the other hand, left some boulder cold and proved his talent in a different way. With a dedication that is usually only known from the pros of bouldering, he lovingly cleaned all the holds that were within his reach. Although Jona climbed less, his commitment to cleanliness in the boulder gym impressed us all.

But the family area at Boulderhalle Steil has even more to offer than bouldering for our little and smallest climbers. Also for the adults among us, challenging boulders have been set up. Here you can prove your skills while your children gain their first bouldering experiences in a playful environment. In some boulders, the short ones among us might even fit better than the adults. Bouldering is not the same for everyone, but it is equally attractive. 

Together on the wall

Karl and Jona have shown that bouldering is a family sport. It brings young and old together and promotes both body and mind. It’s also possible that everyone can learn something from each other. Even if it’s just the fascination of cleaning holds. So, dear bouldering friends in Karlsruhe: Bring your families, come by and experience the new family area at Boulderhalle Steil. We are looking forward to you and your small and big boulder challenges!

Your Team Steil.