Bouldering is on.

Don't let the humid air get to you!

Bouldering is more than just a sport – it is a passion that is not affected by wind or weather. Or, in our case, by the enormous heat that conquered window sides of our Boulderhalle Steil today. While the rest of us struggled to hold on to our water bottles to stay cool, Emilie, Julius, Nico, Emanuel and Jonas took the heat as an incentive.

Acts of defiance 

Up in our gallery, right by the window – arguably the second hottest spot in the gym – the team did magical things. With sweat on their foreheads (and probably elsewhere), they conjured up numerous new boulders. Every single boulder is a work of art – a mix of challenge, fun, and a dash of “What were they thinking?!”.

Accordingly, at the sector’s slab, the most commonly said word might be “Huh?”. Get carried away with the creative bouldering on the slab, but watch your feet don’t pop. On the overhanging part of the wall, on the other hand, the view of tired forearms will prevail. Because here at the window-side overhang it’s going to get down to business in the usual steep manner. In order to adapt the boulders a little to the temperatures, we have today focused on strong moves. You’ll find hardly any very small edges. We wanted to protect you as well as possible from injuries, so that you can still go steil tomorrow.

Another pinch of motivation

So the message is: bouldering is on, even if the humid air makes you feel like you’re in a rainforest. So put on your climbing shoes, grab your chalk and get ready to tackle these new challenges. A big thanks goes out to our creative and heat resistant team for bringing a cool breeze to our gym despite the adverse conditions.

Pack your motivation and come by. Because, as always, bouldering is always on at Boulderhalle Steil – even more so today!