Steil is on board.

Season 23/24 of the Boulder Bundesliga!

The Boulderbundesliga makes a stop in Karlsruhe this season. Steil is there and it is going to be legendary! Mark in any case the 06th April 24 in your calendar. This day is not only the kickoff at Steil, but also the Deutschland Cup.

When, how, where?

After the start of the season on July 29th the Boulderbundesliga will tour all over Germany. As usual there are three leagues and you can fight for points at 13 stations. Therefore register now under this link. We are the last station with the lucky number 13 and at the same time we are the venue of the spectacular Deutschland Cup. Accordingly, the best boulderers of the country will give themselves the handle (or rather, the hold!) in the hand. This will be an absolutely impressive spectacle!

What can I do?

About 45 boulder problems are waiting for you in the three leagues, where you can give everything. These boulders will be set by our team in the usual steil quality and you can collect points in the previously selected league. In contrast to the Epic Steil Cup, the league is further subdivided. There are not only extra points for a flash, but also a score for a bonus hold. During six weeks you have time to try these boulder as often as you can. But don’t worry! During this time we will keep our resetting cycle, but we will not touch the 45 Bundesliga boulders.

Don’t miss this one for the world. Pack your grandma, grandpa, dog and budgie and come by, because Steil is on board. On this day it will be really exciting at Boulderhalle Steil in Karlsruhe!


The 6th of April is only the starting signal with the Deutschland Cup. From then on there will be Bundesliga boulders for the period of six weeks. 

Until then we wish you dry fingers and stay steil!