Boulders in the roof.

There are new projects for you again in the roof on the gallery!

Hello, dear Steil community!

This Wednesday we opened the “Biceps Heaven” on our gallery. Our new boulders in the roof are not only a test of your dexterity and balance, but more importantly an ode to your biceps. They are like little muscular puzzles waiting to be solved. And believe us, there’s nothing more satisfying than solving the puzzle and conquering the boulder problems!

Really steep Wednesday

This Wednesday, Boulderhalle Steil in Karlsruhe has something special for you! Who’s up for a little extra excitement, a little more sweat and most of all a lot of fun?

For the boulders in the roof, gravity is just a distraction and height is just a number! With our new boulders in the very steep roof, you can prove that your muscles are made of steel and that the sky really is the limit.

You could also say that we have turned the gallery into a real “biceps playground”. Our new boulders in the roof are just waiting to catapult you into the heights! They are like little islands emerging in a sea of adrenaline and muscle, ready to be conquered by you.

And also a little flat Wednesday

To put the whole thing in perspective and to provide a balance, we have of course conjured up some fine slides for you again on the flat walls of the sector. We don’t want to strain your poor biceps on this day.

If you’ve been paying attention, you’ll have noticed that we’ve added a few new grips for you. We hope you like them, because these grips will accompany you from now on.

So, dear bouldering enthusiasts, pack your bouldering shoes and gather your courage. Come by and we promise it will be a feast for your biceps. 

See you at Boulderhalle Steil!

Your Boulderhalle Steil team.