Full house.

Are you ready for the fourth ESC?

Epic Steil Cup 2024 - here you can compete in a friendly way with your buddies.

Dear bouldering friends,

It’s that time again! The Epic Steil Cup 2024 is just around the corner and is entering its fourth round. We are once again busy creating boulders for you to fiddle with or simply smash – just as you like.

The process: this is how it works

Starting on Monday, our talented setters will create 15 brand new qualification boulders in all levels of difficulty per sector every week. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, there’s something for everyone. The qualification phase runs throughout June. Specifically, from May 27 to June 30.

You can keep a record of your progress on a score card, which you can collect from our counter. Crossing off, celebrating successes and challenging friends – that’s the spirit of the Epic Steil Cup!

The grand finale: July 6, 2024

The highlight of the Epic Steil Cup takes place on July 6. There will be two exciting finals on this day:

1. the Advanced Final: this is where ambitious bouldering enthusiasts can prove themselves and show what they’re made of in front of an audience. Thrills and applause guaranteed!

2. the Extreme Final: For the real cracks among you! If you want to master the hardest boulders, this is the place to be. Get ready for epic moves and a roaring audience!

It’s worth participating!

Why participate? Quite simple:

– Fun and Challenge: New boulders, new challenges, and lots of fun!

– Community: Meet other bouldering enthusiasts, make new friends and experience the great team spirit in the Steil Boulder Gym.

– Prizes: Of course there are great prizes to be won. Let us surprise you! When you buy a ticket, you automatically take part in our raffle.

Want to go steep? What are you waiting for? Get your scorecard and start the Epic Steil Cup 2024 at the Steil Boulderhalle in Karlsruhe. We are looking forward to your participation and are curious to see who will take the title!

Your team from the Boulderhalle Steil