Freshies on the gallery.

Get those qualy boulders in the 3rd sector!

Welcome back to Steil, with new boulders for the Epic Steil Cup at the window side on the gallery. Today the bouldering is so exciting that even gravity is envious!

Fun aside: our 3rd sector has been stocked with fresh boulders for the ongoing Epic Steil Cup qualification. This means again a lot of action, more thrills and of course more sore muscles! 15 brand new qualifying boulders are ready to put your bouldering skills to the test. Whether you’re shimmying from hold to hold like an agile monkey or creeping along the slab like a mountain goat, we’ve got the perfect challenge for every type of climber.

Today’s bolting was actively supported by the Ukrainian competition boulderer Alex Tyranenko. He is currently touring through Germany and sets in various bouldering gyms. So be prepared for fresh wind from the big wide world of heavy moves and modern movement. Furthermore, Emi and Julius have done the honors in this sector and conjured with cordless screwdrivers. We hope you like what you get under your fingers.

The Epic Steil Cup is your chance to compete with other bouldering virtuosos and to secure the fame, the honor, a great prize from our raffle or the entry into the finals. We are especially looking forward to these finals. You will find out more about it here in the course of the next few weeks.

Enjoy the beautiful weather at the lake or wherever, but please come and experience the Epic Steil Cup with all its energy. We are looking forward to giving you a steep welcome with open arms and well set boulders!

Your Team Steil