Main thing steep.

Conquer the big roof with 15 epic boulders!

Hello dear steepers!

With a lot of passion and creativity our setters have accepted the challenge to bring a variety of imaginative problems to the wall. Today’s setting team consisting of – Jenny, Liam, Nik, Marius and Nico – did not settle for ordinary boulders. No, the boulders had to and were allowed to get really steep today. Today’s sector of the big roof on the gallery was more or less a steep challenge. But see for yourself, because they have done a great job and created an impressive selection of new boulder problems

Imagine: You’re hanging mostly upside down from narrow ledges while trying to fish for tiny footholds with your toes – does that sound like a challenge worth striving for? You’re going to make your muscles quiver in today’s sector. But don’t worry, the flat wall sections have also been thought of and equipped with boulders that are as lovely as they are tricky. 

Of course, it’s not just any boulders that we’re talking about here. Another 15 gems are marked with blue tapes today and thus count towards the Epic Steep Cup ranking.

So grab your super strong fingers, impressive biceps, and give it your all to get even more crosses on your route card.

Don’t waste time, because the lake or the swimming pool is still there next month! Come to Boulderhalle Steil, join the friends of vertical bliss and experience the thrill, excitement and fun that only the big roof can provide. Your hands will ache, your arms will shake, but your smiles will be wider than ever.

See you there, friends of sports and shallow entertainment!

Your Team Steil