Gravity has a break.

The right steep wall takes off!

Die Schwerkraft hat Pause. Oder zumindest könnt ihr das bei diesen Bouldern gut gebrauchen. Es sei denn ihr nutzt eure Fähigkeiten uns zeigt den Bouldern, wer die Kraft hat.

Hey friends of steep and gentle entertainment!

If you thought the right side of the steep wall in the main gym had reached its zenith, think again! Today, the area was redesigned, and as always, let’s hope gravity takes a break.

A big high-five goes out to our brilliant setting team: Simone, Jenny, Luis, Peter, and Liam! They are the true artists of the vertical canvas. The Picassos of plastic handles, the Van Goghs of volumes, the… well, you get the idea.

Today’s protagonists 

Simone has once again proven her technical mastery. With Jenny’s boulders, you definitely need more than muscle power. Here the gray cells should be activated. 

Luis believes that “gravity” is just a suggestion and accordingly knocked out a few nasty things. 

And Peter? The man has violence in his forearm and electricity throughout his body. His boulders require body tension like a steel beam.

Our Liam is always good for a surprise. His bouldering is a symphony of creativity and skill. Whoever masters his bouldering has really done everything right.

Your chance, give it all!

So, chalkbags packed and let’s go! Gravity has a break – as long as you grab it right! See you on the wall, and don’t forget: whoever gets there first has more time to climb!

In climbing-blissful anticipation,

Your team of the bouldering hall Steil