A touch of epic.

New gems for the Epic Steil Cup!

Welcome back, dear steepers! 

Today, new boulder problems were added to the wall, all of which will put your climbing skills to an epic test. 15 of these boulders are part of the ESC qualification. They can now be checked off and added to your score card.

The stars of the show are located in the left part of the overhang in our beloved main gym. Look there and witness a Boulder revolution! If you think you’ve seen it all, you have to check out these beauties. They’re so fresh, they’ve just fallen out of bouldering nirvana.

Ode of joyful setting

Behind each boulder from the colorful holds is a tireless team of setters who put their heart and soul and a whole lot of creativity into creating these masterpieces. These heroes of the steep terrain have unlocked the secrets of bouldering and treated us to a fantastic selection of jugs, slopers, ledges and volumes. They are constantly trying to push the limits of gravity to present us with a fantastic world of steep bouldering to explore.

From beginners to bouldering luminaries, our new boulders offer something for everyone. For the brave newbies, we’ve created gentle and inviting problems that will challenge you in a whole new way. For the experienced climbers, there are technically challenging boulder problems that will push your climbing talent to the max. There really are no more excuses not to participate in the Epic Steil Cup!

Well, dear Steil family, it’s time to pack your bag with bouldering gear, fill your chalk bags and face the challenges of the Epic Steil Cup. Our new boulders for the qualification are waiting to be conquered by you. Don’t forget to show off your best moves, push your limits and most importantly, have fun!

Your Team Steil