New and rough.

Double holds set fun at Boulderhalle Steil!

Dear bouldering fans, today the day has come when we make the climbing scene in Karlsruhe a bit more colorful again! The right part of the overhanging wall in the main hall got a double upgrade today – and without any magic tricks!

You have it in your hands

Yes, you read that right! Two brand new sets of holds appeared on our overhanging wall today. They’re new, they’re rough, and they’re just waiting for you to chalk them up with gusto. They bring a breath of fresh air into our main hall and provide even more variety in your bouldering sessions.

Why two sets? Because we think that you can never have enough cool holds. Each grip gives our route setters new room for creative ideas. This then results in new moves and all the more beautiful challenges for you. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a curious beginner, these holds will provide just the right amount of fun and challenge for everyone over time.

For those who are now thinking, “New and rough? That sounds like blisters on your hands!”, we have only one thing to say: that’s what bouldering is all about, right? The sweet pain of success when you finally tick the boulder after your tenth attempt. Or, in case of failure, cooling your aching hands with a well-deserved drink from our bistro.

New grips, same focus

So, grab your chalk bags, tighten your climbing shoes and face the “new and rough” challenge. The fresh holds are waiting to be conquered. That’s why we hope you have fun exploring the new shapes. Regardless, as always: The way to the top is the goal!

We are looking forward to your success stories and maybe one or the other funny anecdote from your first attempts on the freshly equipped wall. See you soon in the gym!

Your Team Steil