One more thing.

We give away two tickets each for REEL ROCK and EOFT!

There's one more thing for you: you can win tickets for REEL ROCK 17 and EOFT 2023.

Watch out and prick up your ears, because there’s one more thing for you! We are giving away two exclusive tickets each for the film tours REEL ROCK 17 and EOFT 2023 in September, so stay informed with great news and don’t miss the chance.

What to expect?

So you’re wondering what to expect at Reel Rock 17 and EOFT 2023? Well, we don’t want to give too much away, but rest assured, it’s going to be spectacular! Reel Rock is dedicated to bringing the most breathtaking, daring and innovative climbing feats to the big screen. EOFT, on the other hand, brings us into a world of adventure, from peak climbers to deep sea divers. You will go on a journey with the protagonists that will amaze you. These films will be about more than just climbing – they will be about passion, adventure and discovering your own limits.

How do I get the tickets?

We will soon tell you here and on social media how and when we will give away the tickets. In any case, we are absolutely sure that one of the films that will be shown there would also be more than just one more thing for you and your inspiration. So it remains exciting at Boulderhalle Steil in Karlsruhe.

To pass the time until the raffle a little bit, you can find the trailers below the article. We hope you are excited and you like the surprise that is still there for you. So let’s hope that we meet in the cinema.

See you soon and keep on climbing!

Your team at Boulderhalle Steil Karlsruhe