Steep sweat.

Cool boulders for the hottest days!

Hello Steil fans!

It’s Wednesday, and that means we have another load of brand new boulders at Boulderhalle Steil. The team of setters have once again outdone themselves and created many tricky challenges for you. You will be amazed, sweat and climb your fingers to the bone with joy!

The qualification of the ongoing Epic Steil Cup goes into the next round, and the new boulders are definitely not for the faint of heart. You can expect everything from dynamic jumps to technically challenging bouldering and really steep overhangs. We hope that there is something for everyone among the fascinating boulders.

Now we would like to give you some more information and a foretaste of the next day of the Cup. Next Monday we will extend the Cup to the family area. This means that we will be setting a whole new bunch of boulder problems that even the little junior climbers can try their hand at. Everything will be a little easier here, so that the whole family can enjoy the fun of bouldering together. Whether you’re a beginner or already have climbing experience, these boulders will take your heart by storm.

Our team has worked hard to bring you unique and varied bouldering that will test your climbing skills. We know you’re already passionate about the Epic Steil Cup, so we want to continue to provide you with motivating boulders. So come on by, grab your climbing shoes, your score card, and let’s get those steep cup boulders done together! Don’t forget to bring your friends, because fun is guaranteed at Boulderhalle Steil – whether you want to qualify for the Cup or just have a great time.

See you on the wall!

Your Team Steil